4-H and Youth

The Spring season is kicking off with Yoakum County 4-H.  During this spring semester local youth are participating in several 4-H projects.  Shooting sports, which include rifle, shotgun, pistol and archery are in full swing.  Kids are also starting their insect collections for the entomology project.

Yoakum County 4-H provides youth with experiences that teach discipline, responsibility, sportsmanship, education and growth.  Together with parent volunteers, Yoakum County 4-H has grown to the largest active enrollment in the past eight years.  The success of our youth depends on volunteers in 4-H.  Check back regularly to see what the Yoakum County 4-H Club has to offer.  You can also find our club on Facebook through Yoakum County 4-H.


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